General Media Enquiries:

Telephone: (Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET)


Toll-free: 1-844-836-7799

Email: ec.media.ec@canada.ca

Enquiries regarding weather services for the media:

On Line Media Services Website

To better serve the Canadian media, Environment and Climate Change Canada has created a free web service dedicated to the media where you can configure your own personalized weather pages and access the complete range of current weather information, including weather warnings for the locations of your choice.

Weather services to media

When there is significant weather, media can contact Environment and Climate Change Canada’s weather experts through the national toll free Weather access line for Media (1-866-672-5463). Weather experts are available to provide information about severe weather 24/7, and to provide advice and information about significant weather and weather preparedness.

Other Environment and Climate Change Canada weather products and services

Weather information and severe weather warnings are available free of charge 24/7 to Canadians: 

  • Internet: www.weatheroffice.gc.ca;
  • Weatheradio: 185 sites broadcasting local weather forecasts and severe weather warnings over the VHF-FM frequency band reaching over 92% of Canadians; and
  • Automated Telephone Answering services, which provide recordings of basic public weather forecasts and severe weather warnings for most large and medium size cities in Canada.

"Weather One-on-One"

Members of the media, the public and the business community can call this Environment and Climate Change Canada user-pay service at 1-900-565-5555 (in English) or 1-900-565-4455 (in French) to obtain specific weather and climate directly from an Environment and Climate Change Canada expert. For a fee, callers can get answers to questions such as how today’s temperature compares with previous years, the temperature records for specific dates or how warm, cold, wet or dry it has been this past month.

Fees of $2.99 per minute (plus taxes) will be included in the caller’s next telephone bill.  The service is available from 5AM to 9PM on weekdays and from 6AM to 6PM on week-ends and holidays.

Note: The 1-900 service is not available from the NWT, Yukon or Nunavut. It also may not be accessible from cellular or pay phones, or may be blocked on some business telephone lines. Credit card holders can access the service by calling toll free at 1-888-292-2222 and charging services to their credit card. Find more information about the Live Weather Consultation Services.

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